Mythos Busters Aurbits Contest: Which are the least popular cards?

If you want to win some Aurbits tokens, the Mythos Busters are running a quick contest: build a deck using a “terrible” card.

Voice of Reason: let me guess: you’re going to use “least published decks on”

Yes, VoR, I am. Primarily because the results are surprising.

I’ll go through the core set, Dunwich and Carcosa. I think the other campaigns are too new to make strong judgements about. In each campaign set, I’m looking at the lowest 10 cards, by published decks:

Poor Barricade. A mere 333 decks.

The least popular card from the core set.

Ok, how about Dunwich Legacy?

Poor Joey Vigil, you with your spend a resource to spend more resources ability – nobody seemed to love your talent. Is it coz you’re too expensive?

Sorry, Joey, you may have loads of soak, but you’re expensive and you make spend MORE resources.

Blackjack: a card hated by many is second least popular. Only 119 published decks on ArkhamDB with you in.

Voice of Reason: Hang on, Andy. Where’s Kukri? That card is terrible.

Kukri? Everyone loves to hate this one, right?

Well, there’s over 300 decks with this chestnut in there.

Voice of Reason: Yeah, but all those published decks must be really old, back before the card pool was rich? I discount this statistic. Kukri is terrible, it must be the least popular card in that set.

Well, VoR, you’d think so, but look at the decks containing Kukri by month.

Sure, numbers are down, but it’s still chugging along, finding it’s way into many decks. I’m gonna guess this is new people joining ArkhamDB who don’t yet have an extensive card pool available to them. Whatever it is, I was surprised that 11 cards from Dunwich are less popular among published decks.

Now, how about Path to Carcosa?

Fewer surprise here: although Knuckleduster, a weapon that makes an enemy retaliate? Why would you choose that?

I hope that’s been useful. Did any of those surprise you? Let me know in the comments, or in the social media channel where you found this post!

Voice of Reason: Ok Andy, you’re three posts into this blog, and two have been about the “worst” of something. Is this going to be a trend? Don’t you have a positive thing to find in the data?

True, VoR, true. Don’t worry – I’ll be looking at the most popular cards soon enough.

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