How many assets/events/skills should I use for this investigator?

Welcome to the latest post in the Data-Driven Deck Building series. In each post, you’ll find an interactive tool to help you build your decks. The data comes from, so you’ll be comparing your choices with the community hive mind.

In the charts below, you can answer this primary question:

For any investigator, how many assets, events, skills, are in their decks? And can I go explore those decks?

Why did I build this?

How many skills should I put in a Silas deck?

When I’m building a deck with an investigator I haven’t used before, I’m often unsure how to balance Assets, Events and Skills. For example, imagine building your first Silas Marsh deck. If you’re new to the game, or deck building, you might not realise just how much he loves skill cards. So if you end up with a 16 asset, 10 event, 4 skill Silas Marsh deck, it might seem good to you. But one check above and you’ll see that Silas Marsh decks generally run 12-20 skills (the most popular number of skills in Silas is 18, as you can see below).

Thus, unless you’re very confident, your 16-10-4 Silas deck might not be building to his strengths. (Incidentally there is an eighteen asset Silas deck on ArkhamDb! I’m not sure how effective that would be.)

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