Revealed: the most and least popular investigators (according to the Mythos Busters’ community)

I’ve teamed up with the Mythos Busters to bring you some nerdy analysis of the Return to March to Madness tournament. In order to seed the bracket, the community was asked to make a tier list of the Arkham Horror investigators.

108 people created a tier list; I’m delighted there’s so many because it gives us a definitive, non-arguable, robust indication of who are the most and least popular investigators in the game (what’s that? You think this data’s incomplete, or riddled with bias? Or that the criteria were too vague? Surely not!). Seriously, this is not a definitive dataset. In March to Madness, you’re asked to rank which Investigators you most and least like, by whatever criteria makes sense to you. The Mythos Busters community is a small part of the Arkham world, and the criteria for ranking characters is deeply personal. That said: it’s data, so let’s aggregate it, and start the conversation!

First of all: who got into the most Top Tier slots? 

Stella is most common Tier 1 Investigator

It was Stella Clark! This plucky postie, one of the newest kids on the block, was in tier 1 in 28% of all your tier lists! Never has failure been so popular. Ursula and Mandy were not far behind: each appearing in over a quarter of everyone’s tier 1 spots. 

At the bottom end of the scale, who was most often placed in Tier 10? 

Lola is the least popular investigator

Our anguished female Thespian Lola Hayes is convincingly the consistently least popular of them all. Poor Lola. 66% of you put her in Tier 10. Skids and Harvey were second and third least favoured, but even Skids only found his way into Tier 10 in 29% of your lists. 

I’ll be back tomorrow to look at the average tier score for each investigator. In the meantime, make sure you keep up to date with the voting and do join the MB Discord – it’s great!

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Below you can see the full list for Tier 1 and Tier 10 appearances:

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