Welcome to the latest post in the Data-Driven Deck Building series. In each post, you’ll find an interactive tool to help you build your decks. The data comes from ArkhamDB.com, so you’ll be comparing your choices with the community hive mind.

With the tool below, your primary question is this:

  • For any Investigator, which are the most common cards in ArkhamDB.com decks?

Why did I build this?

I often don’t know where to start with an investigator. As the card pool has grown, it gets more intimidating. This tool lets me (and now you!) answer these questions:

  1. What’re the most popular cards for an investigator?
  2. How about just 0XP? Or just cards that cost >0XP?
  3. Can I just see decks from a given point in time? Sure – use the date slider.

If you click on the Advanced Filters button you, you can also filter by

  • Card types, so you can see just the assets/events/skills that go in most of this ‘gator’s decks
  • Deck tags, so you can narrow down to just solo, or multiplayer decks
  • Card class
  • Campaign, so you can find cards from just the boxes you own

What doesn’t this data tell us?

As always, I’ll re-emphasise that ArkhamDB.com data is far from perfect. Even if that’s the case, it has value and gives us a great guide. Aside from my standard caveats, what else should we be wary of:

  1. This data doesn’t mean that the most popular card is the best one for your deck.
  2. This data can’t tell you which cards work well together.
  3. You shouldn’t just look at the top 10 or 20 cards. The card pool is so big, potentially great cards might be quite far down the list.
  4. If the card you’re thinking of using is really unpopular, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad card at all. You might have an amazing new combo in mind. You might like the theme of the card. Or perhaps the art is so good it’s in the deck. Nobody can tell you not to include a card.
  5. Also, there’s an annoying bug I’m struggling to fix: if a non-Starter Deck uses a Starter Deck reprint, it breaks the sorting algorithm. For example, some Agnes Barker decks contain Ritual Candles. Of those, a couple use the Wini Habbamock reprint rather than the original one. I will get round to fixing it one day….

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